MHG (Monkey Hospitality Group Cambodia Limited) is a successful hotel management services and consultancy company registered in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

We work in partnership with hotel owners, asset management departments, banks, investment companies and real estate developers to help build, manage and maintain great hotels and hostels in their properties that deliver exceptional financial performance.

We work on long-term contract agreements, when the owner of the property will hand over the operations and management of a suitable property to MHG to run and operate or rent a property to us.

We have two business models of direct rental or management contract available for our hotel owner partners.

We also provide consultancy services for pre-launch and planning of hotel properties in Cambodia, including design, development and launch services.

If you are the owner of a property with between 25 and 100 rooms suitable for a hotel or hostel and would like to discuss how a partnership with us could increase the profitability of your investment or existing property please contact us.